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School Dress Code

What children wear to school is important. Appropriate clothing reinforces good behaviour and helps to give a sense of belonging. Please support your child by providing uniform and appropriate P.E. kit. The school colours are navy blue and light blue.‚Äč


Pale blue shirt, blouse or polo shirt (Branded polo shirts available from Uniform Direct or unbranded plain ones can be purchased from the high street/supermarket)

Dark grey trousers or tailored shorts (not cords or jeans) or grey pinafore, skirt, culottes (pleated or straight - not split)

A lightweight navy/white checked or striped dress may be worn as an alternative in summer months

School sweatshirt (Branded from Uniform Direct) or navy v-neck jumper/tank-top or cardigan (unbranded from supermarket/High street)

White, navy or grey socks or tights

Black shoes fastened with buckles, laces or velcro are worn during the school day. Heels should be no higher than 3cm. Trainers are not acceptable as footwear to be worn all day.

For safety reasons, sling back, peep toe sandals and slip on shoes are not acceptable footwear. (Footwear prescribed for medical reasons will be accepted)

Reading book bag-available from Uniform Direct. Children do not need a pencil case

Water bottle

Please ensure that all items of school uniform are clearly labelled with your child’s name. This helps to prevent lost property. If you wish, you can purchase labels from STICKINS via the link at the bottom of this page.

Jewellery should not be worn at school except a watch. One plain stud only in each ear-lobe is acceptable for pierced ears and must be removed for PE and Games. The wearing of nail-varnish or make-up is not permitted. Body art, in the form of temporary tattoos and transfers are also unsuitable for school.

Sweatshirts, cardigans, fleeces, reversible showerproof fleeces, embroidered polo shirts and book bags in the school colours and with the school badge are available for purchase from Uniform Direct via the link on the school website. You can also purchase plain PE kit from here too.

As mentioned previously, unbranded items can be purchased from Uniform Direct, High street stores and supermarkets.


All hair should be tied back where long enough. Haircuts should be appropriate for school.

Where headbands, bows or other hair accessories are worn, these should be small, simple and ideally in school uniform colours. Children should not wear hairbands that have ‘ears’, ‘boppers’ or any similar attachments, except on a non-uniform day.

PE Clothing

For health and safety reasons, it is important that children are properly dressed for any physical activity. No jewellery should be worn for PE, games or swimming. This includes earrings.

Our uniform for PE is as follows:

  • Plain white round neck T-shirt.
  • Navy shorts or games skirt
  • Plimsolls for indoor physical education
  • An outside PE kit consisting of trainers and a navy track suit (children will go outside for PE in the winter so must be suitably dressed. A hat and gloves are also advisable).

As a minimum, all children attend swimming lessons for a period of time in Key Stage 2. When swimming, children will need a one-piece swimming costume/trunks and a swimming hat.

Other Information

  • PE kit should be kept in a named drawstring bag.
  • Your child will need a plastic lunch box or mini-cool bag if they are bringing lunch to school. The type with provision for storing a drink is ideal and can be stored easily.
  • Please do not allow children to bring large bags to school, as we do not have room to store them.
  • Pupils are responsible for the security of their personal possessions. Children should not bring expensive items of personal property to school.
  • During the summer months, it is advisable for children to have a sun hat in school and please ensure your child is protected with a high factor sunscreen on hot days.
  • Please label all clothing/items with your child’s name

Uniform Direct orders

You can order all your uniform here. Parents/carers can either pay postage for home delivery or order for collection from one of their outlets in Lincoln or Gainsborough (you can specify which store at on-line checkout). Our uniform (with logo) will not be stocked to purchase ‘off the shelf’ at these outlets.

Click Here To Order


STICKINS Name Labels

You can purchase stick on labels from the Stickins website. Friends of Ingham School receive a commission for all purchases from this site. All money raised goes to help support the school. and also helps to avoid lost property! Our school code is 36133

Click Here To Order

Friends of Ingham School

Friends of Ingham School (FOIS) keep a stock of nearly new/used school uniform that has been donated to them. This is regularly put on rails at the front of the school and parents can buy for a nominal cost. If FOIS have a large stock, they often give clothing away for free. School is alert and sensitive to conversations with families who may need more uniform and recycled uniform my be offered to families, wherever needed.

Please contact the following email if you require any second-hand uniform: or contact the school office who will be able to help you.