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Our Village

Ingham is a beautiful village in rural Lincolnshire situated 8 miles north of Lincoln.

Ingham Village

Ingham village is one of a string of popular ‘cliff villages’, situated in beautiful, open countryside and nestling at the base of the Lincoln Edge.  Some eight miles north of Lincoln, the village has just over a thousand residents living in a mixture of old and new properties.  The village has a wonderful community spirit and has the perfect balance of feeling like a small, friendly village whilst being large enough to support the many local amenities; these include a Village shop, two pubs, a Doctor’s surgery, a tennis court, playing fields, children’s play area, bowling green and, of course, the village school! 

The school is located at the heart of the village, on the edge of the spacious, picturesque village green.  Adjoined to the school is the Village Hall, a facility shared, very effectively by the school and the local community.  Ingham is the largest amongst a number of other local villages too small to support their own amenities and, as a result, Ingham is the ‘social hub’ for many residents in the neighbouring community. The village is only three miles from RAF Scampton where the Red Arrows are based, and from September to May, residents enjoy free shows several times a day as the team rehearse their routines. 

At the heart of the community with community at its heart.

 Ingham Primary School

Ingham and Cammeringham Village Hall

As we share a building, it is perhaps no surprise that Ingham Primary School have an extremely strong partnership with Ingham and Cammeringham Village Hall.  This brings enormous benefits to both partners - we are so lucky to have the excllent facilities which the partnership provides. 

In 2014 Ingham and Cammeringham Village Hall was awarded the prestigious Community Links Gold Award for it's outstanding facilities.

The Village Hall and Community Room are available to hire outside of school hours - you can find out more by clicking the link below.

Ingham and Cammeringham Village Hall committee kindly sponsor our Personal Skills Award at our annual Prize Giving.

Ingham Parish Council

Ingham Parish Council do a great deal to support our local community and that includes our school.  We have excellent links with Ingham Parish Council, who own our playground and field.