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Moving on to Secondary School

Ingham Primary School is very proud of the way that it prepares our children for secondary school and the strong relationships we have with the secondary schools around us. We make sure that the next step is an exciting one rather than a daunting one.

Recent Years

In 2021/2022:

  • 100% of Y6's who took the 11+, passed the 11+
  • All those who applied for a place at William Farr School got a place
  • Applications were made to a variety of schools including:
    • William Farr School
    • Queen Elizabeth's High School, Gainsborough
    • De Aston School
    • Pembroke-A Priory academy at Cherry Willingham
    • Castle Academy
  • All the children got their first choice preference.

In 2020/21:

  • 100% of Y6’s who took the 11+, passed the 11+
  • All those who applied for a place at William Farr School got a place.
  • The children who passed the 11+ but did not get offered a place at QEHS were offered a place at William Farr School.

In 2019/20

  • Almost every Y6 who took the 11+, passed the 11+
  • Applications were made to a wide variety of schools including:
    • William Farr School
    • Queen Elizabeth’ High School
    • De Aston School
    • Huntcliff School
    • Minster School
  • All the children got their first choice preference.

Which Schools could I be considering?

The following represents a list of schools that are either near to Ingham Primary School or where pupils have moved onto in recent years:

School Location Additional Information Distance from Ingham Link to website
William Farr School Welton Church of England 7.5 miles Click here
Queen Elizabeth's High School Gainsborough Grammar School 13.4 miles Click here
DeAston School Market Rasen   14.2 miles Click here
Huntcliff School Kirton Lindsey   10.9 miles Click here
Lincoln Minster School Lincoln Independent School 10.2 miles Click here
The Priory Academy, Lincoln School of Science and Technology Lincoln 2 places allocated for Ingham Primary 10.4 miles Click here
The Priory Pembroke Academy Cherry Willingham   11.5 miles Click here
Lincoln Castle Academy Lincoln   8.2 miles Click here
Lincoln Christ Hospital School Lincoln   9.1 miles Click here

How to choose

Each individual child will suit a different secondary school, so it is really important when making your choice to be well-informed but also to go and see for yourself. What has suited one person in the past, may not suit another now. Remember that each child's lived experience of school is unique.

All secondary schools offer open events (physical or virtual) where you can find out more about the school, meet some of the staff and get a flavour of what they have to offer. These usually start towards the end of Year 5 and then into Year 6 too.

Some secondaries run transition/taster events for children whilst they are in Year 5 so that they have a chance to visit and take part in some activities. These will be advertised through our school when information comes through.

It is also usually possible to arrange a private tour of the school on a normal school day. This can be arranged by contacting the secondary school directly. Please let us know you are going for a visit - this will always be an authorised absence.

Many children will want to go to the same school as their friends from Ingham, and certainly being happy at your new school is really important. However, it is also important to remember that the vast majority of children will have made many new friends by the end of week 2 in the Autumn Term and may well have met up with people they know through outside clubs and activities.

Nearest School

Some secondary schools use a 'nearest school' criteria amongst their admission criteria, such as ‘within xx miles of the school’. Where this is the case, Lincolnshire County Council have created a page for you to check which can be accessed using either of the links below:

How to apply

Applications for secondary school places usually open in early September in the year your child starts Year 6 and close at the end of October.

Applications are made online through the Lincolnshire County Council School Admissions Page. This means that it is important to start exploring your options during Year 5 so that you can make your final choice early in Year 6.

Please note-It is important to read the Admissions Policy carefully and the criteria for the schools that you apply for.

School Transport

You may be in a position to take your child to school each day, but if you are not, then transport can be a significant factor.

You can find out more about transport here.

Any other questions?

If you have any other questions about secondary school transition please do contact your child's class teacher and/or Mrs Hutchinson for more information and watch out for information coming your way when your child is in Year 5.