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So how does our Curriculum Vision become a reality? Find out about the teaching of Geography at our school here.

Our geography curriculum is carefully planned to provoke and provide answers to questions about the human and physical aspects of the world. It seeks to inspire curiosity and understanding of diverse people, places and resources, whilst encouraging empathy for the challenges that shape our societies and environments. Our children will collect and analyse data and develop the ability to draw conclusions and shape well balanced arguments. They will use maps, photographs, globes and digital mapping to name and identify countries, continents, seas and oceans and communicate their knowledge in a variety of ways.
By revisiting areas and building on prior knowledge the children will know more, so that they understand more and can therefore do more. Where possible field trips and the local area will be used to take learning outside of the classroom.

Geography will be taught either as a half termly topic to alternate with history or on occasions where the history and geography units marry these will then be taught together across a long term. Humanities will make up 2 taught sessions each week giving children the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and practice spaced learning recall tasks. At the beginning of each unit the children are able to show what they know. Knowledge Organisers outline specific knowledge to be learnt and key vocabulary for that unit.

If children are keeping up with the curriculum then they are deemed as making good or better progress. Children will review their learning through mini quizzes and have an opportunity at the end of the unit to show they have retained taught knowledge.