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Curriculum Vision

We believe that children's learning should be exciting, engaging and should develop all of the skills which children will need at each step of their learning and throughout their lives.

Our Curriculum: What we want to achieve.

Successful, confident, caring:  our vision for our learners and our school.  At the heart of this, lies our school’s curriculum. As children progress on their learning journey through our school we want them to discover this for themselves personally. Here’s how:


Our starting point is to create the conditions for children to thrive and for them to strive for excellence in all they do.  Like you, we want the very best for them where they set their aspirations high in order that when they leave the world is opened up to them and they recognise their roles as global citizens in a diverse and exciting world.  Our curriculum is designed to both reflect the local community and surrounding area so that children have a deep understanding of where they grew up but also to broaden horizons so that children are able to be successful in the wider world.  Through our knowledge-led curriculum children will accumulate a broad knowledge, understanding and range of experiences so that they can climb the ladder of life to their own success.

We know that the key that unlocks this learning potential is their ability to communicate effectively so we have placed the skills of reading, writing, communication and language at the heart of our curriculum. 

In creating and structuring the learning sequence we have drawn on key principals of curriculum design so that it is:

  • BROAD AND BALANCED – where academic subjects sit alongside the promotion of spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development and are all valued equally
  • RIGOROUS – so that children have developed powerful ways of thinking and applying what they know
  • COHERENT – where links within and between subjects are explicitly developed
  • VERTICALLY INTEGRATED – where learning progresses in small steps that build on that which is already known and understood and where knowledge is sequenced logically to promote understanding
  • APPROPRIATE – where learning is sequenced coherently but allowing adaption for different cohorts of learners
  • FOCUSED – where ‘big ideas’ are explored and developed over time
  • RELEVANT – where learning is engaging, interesting and motivating

Likewise, we want children to know more and to remember more and so we have drawn on research around cognition and memory so that children revisit previous knowledge to ensure it has been fully learnt and is not forgotten.


We want the children who leave our school to be confident:

  • To know what they know and to be able to communicate this effectively to others
  • To have discovered their strengths and talents
  • To have high self-esteem 
  • To be able to work effectively as part of a team but also to have the tools and skills that allow them to be independent in their learning
  • To be critical thinkers who have learned to ask deep questions that help them to understand better


Our school is at the heart of the community with community at its heart.  Every child is a valued member of our school family and throughout their journey our curriculum instils in them our school values.  We teach children:

  • LOVE: to build successful relationships with others, showing gratitude and forgiveness
  • COMMUNITY: to look for opportunities to serve, be compassionate and generous
  • ENDURANCE:  to have courage, perseverance and patience
  • HOPE: to be optimistic, motivated learners who can trust others and be trusted
  • RESPECT: to be responsible; to value others and themselves
  • FAIRNESS: to value truth, justice and peace


  • National Curriculum - Here you can download the full details of the National Curriculum for Primary Schools