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So how does our Curriculum Vision become a reality? Find out about the teaching of Art at our school here.

Our aim is to provide opportunities for our children to  develop into confident, independent artists across a range of media, whilst exploring a rich variety of artists reflecting cultural and gender diversity.

We endeavour to encourage an atmosphere of experimentation and exploration through a variety of approaches across Key Stage 1 and 2.

  • Small scale balanced with large scale pieces
  • Individual work balanced alongside group work
  • 2 dimensional work balanced alongside 3 dimensional work
  • Study of historical artists as well as contemporary ones that reflect cultural diversity
  • Traditional skill and knowledge development balanced alongside experimentation 

We firmly believe that Art and Design should be seen as a journey where the process is as important as the outcome and where experimentation and risk taking are encouraged by all, including adults!

We follow an Art Scheme of work in which lessons are planned around broad topic themes enabling a balance across key stages between 2D and 3D creative opportunities.

Through a range of whole class, group and individual activities, children are encouraged to actively experiment and explore as well as develop a range of skills across multiple media.

Inspirational start points are drawn from and celebrate a diverse global cultural heritage wherever possible.

As Art and Design is a practical subject, assessments may take place within small groups, through observation and discussions with the child, teacher or class peers. Constructive feedback should be given wherever possible during the lesson to enhance development and encourage experimentation.

Children will be assessed against the National Curriculum Statements.

By Year 6 all our children will have experienced a range of media and stimulus. They will have worked individually and collaboratively on a range of projects. If they follow the units they should all make at least expected progress.