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How to Apply for a place at Ingham Primary School

If you are interested in sending your child to our school please do visit us to meet with the Headteacher and staff. We would love to show you round and discuss with you about how our school can meet the needs of your child. As schools are busy places it is advisable for you to make an appointment so that the necessary staff can be present for your visit.

Admissions for Reception

Admissions for reception are through the Local Authority. The preferred method for applying for a Reception place is online. Click here to apply for a place online. You can also apply by telephoning the Customer Service Centre on 01522 782030. Alternatively you can request a paper application using the same number.

You can apply for up to three state schools, in or out of county on your application.

If you do not live in Lincolnshire you must apply through your home local authority. You can name Lincolnshire schools on this application.

Service personnel and crown servants
Members of the armed forces must provide a letter that confirms a relocation date and a unit postal address or quartering area address in Lincolnshire.

This also applies to crown servants coming from abroad.

Admission Criteria

Applications open in November and must be received by the LEA in early January. The School Admission Team then co-ordinates all admissions for schools in Lincolnshire. All places are allocated by the LEA according to the admissions criteria. Offers are sent out in mid-April. If you do not live in Lincolnshire you must apply through your home local authority. You will be able to name Lincolnshire schools on this application.

Mid-Year Admissions

If you wish to change your child’s school for other reasons outside the normal admissions rounds, such as moving house, we call this a mid-year admission. You should make an application for a place at the school to the Local Authority using the link below.

If you are not moving house and wish to change your child’s school for personal reasons outside the normal transfer process you should discuss this with the Headteacher of your child’s present school. This may resolve any issues which prompted you to think about changing your child’s school.

If your child is refused a place at a school because it is full you have the right to appeal.

Timetable for offer dates and appeals


Please see below for details of the appeals process.

  Secondary schools Primary schools
National offer day 1 March 2024 16 April 2024
Deadline for an appeal to be received See LCC website See LCC website

Children with Statements or Education, Health and Care Plans

If your child has an Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP) there is a different process for changing your child’s school. You should contact your child’s named officer for further information.