Children's Health Services Questionnaire

16th July 2016 Ian Tyas Ian Tyas

Lincolnshire County Council has been carrying out a review of early years and children’s health services, including school nursing. They are planning some changes to these services – based on engagement feedback, local data and national evidence – to make sure they offer services that children and families in Lincolnshire need for the future.

They want to know if people might be affected by these planned changes, to help them consider any further changes that are needed to avoid or reduce any negative impacts.
·         Parents or professionals can complete our Equality Impact Assessment questionnaire to tell us about any potential impacts from the proposed changes. 
·         School-aged children and young people can complete our Children and Young People's Equality Impact Assessment questionnaire to tell us if they might be impacted by any of the proposed changes to school-aged children’s health services.

Ingham Primary School would really recommend that parents and carers complete this review as there are proposed changes which will impact in service delivery in the future.


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