Changes to National Curriculum and Assessment

13th October 2015 Ian Tyas Ian Tyas

As we approach our first parent’s evenings of the new school year (Tues 10th and Thurs 12th November 2015), I thought it may be useful to provide you with up to date information on the changes to the National Curriculum which came in this September.

Information about the changes to the National Curriculum.

Here, you will find a helpful document which outlines those changes in a user friendly way, particularly the changes in expectations for children in Reading, Writing and Mathematics.  You will see, particularly in Mathematics, that in the new National Curriculum children will access several concepts earlier.  Parents_Complete_Guide

There are also changes to assessment, most notably with the scrapping of National Curriculum levels.  Children are no longer assessed against these levels but instead against the expectations for the year group that they are in.  Teachers will be able to talk to you about the assessments they have made so far this year at the parent’s evenings.

The school will provide further information about the reporting of end of year assessments later in the year.

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