A new School Year

05th September 2017 Ian Tyas Ian Tyas

One of the things I look forward to at the start of a new school year is that today I will start a new notebook. There is something very satisfying about writing on the first page of a new notebook. I’m not really sure why this is the case but it is something I have always enjoyed. I don’t know whether it was something that Miss Wesley, my very first teacher instilled into me or whether it came from some self-imposed resolution, but I always try to write really neatly on that first page especially. It’s like I am trying to capture that ‘fresh start’ moment. Is that something you can identify with? Today is a very exciting day because we are welcoming new members of staff to our team and new families to our school - welcome to the Ingham School family! We are privileged because they chose us – they saw something in Ingham that made them want to be part of this great adventure.

As we start with a fresh team there will inevitably be some exciting changes, yet at the same time there are fundamental things that remain the same and I want to take a few moments today to revisit our ‘Why?’ our vision that drives and motivates us.  Beyond any changes that this September brings, this is our core purpose.

So what is our ‘Why?’ what is it that motivates and inspires us?

1.        We believe that every learner has the right to be successful, confident and caring, no matter what.  Whether they face difficulties, disability or disadvantage we will strive every day to ensure that they both experience and share these fundamental attributes.

2.       We believe that this is a community, a group of people who care for each other, who inspire each other, who want to celebrate each other’s successes.  A place where we learn from our mistakes, a place with an ‘I can’ attitude.

3.       We believe that the world can be a better place and that it ‘starts with me.’  A place of hope where caring goes beyond the school walls and out into the families who come here, the people who live nearby and then out into the world beyond.

4.       We believe that our values of Hope, Love, Community, Respect, Endurance and Fairness are so important that they should be modelled and instilled in this community so that when people do leave us in time, they go on to achieve great things and to make a difference to the people they encounter.

You can read more about our Vision and Values on our school website http://www.ingham.lincs.sch.uk/about 

I look forward to journeying with you through the coming year.  I have no doubt it will be an exciting one.

Adventure is calling – I must go!

Ingham Primary School

Ian Tyas, Headteacher

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