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Phonics is the bedrock of reading and writing. It is the teaching of both sounds (phonemes) and the way these sounds are written down (graphemes) and gives children the tools they need to break down words that they see around them and in their books as well as the skills to write down the words that they use to communicate.

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Our phonics teaching centres around the Read, Write, Inc phonics scheme which is one of the leading recognised systematic phonics schemes.

Below you can find more information about how we teach phonics and most importantly about how you can support your child in their phonics development, including links to websites with games and videos to support home learning.

Games and Videos to support Phonics Home Learning

Mr Thorne Does Phonics

Phonics Play

Letters and sounds

Hairy phonics (also available as an iPad App)

Hip Hop Hen (available as an iPad App)

Pirate Phonics (iPad App)

Twinkl phonics



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These are the slides from our recent parental workshop on phonics
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