London - Day 2 So Far... 770 Views

29th September 2016 Class: Class Blog Oak Graeme Clark School Trip

Houses of Parliament and a trip up the River Thames.

We've had a great morning in London.  It began with a trip to the Houses of Parliament where we had a tour around the House of Lords, the House of Commons and Westminster Hall.  This was followed by a fun workshop about voting and elections.  The children absolute;y loved it...

"It was phenomenal!" (Zachary)

"It was very interesting to see where our laws are made in the House of Lords and House of Commons!" (Aimee)

"I loved it but it was actually smaller than I thought it would be." (Charlie)

After leaving Parliament we headed onto the boat for a cruise up the River Thames.  We saw loads of famous places including The Shard, Tower Bridge and The Globe Theatre.  

I'm now sat on the bus as we crawl our way through London to the British Museum.  I'll post some pictures of this later on.

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