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28th September 2016 Class: Class Blog Oak Graeme Clark School Trip

The adventure begins...

As many of you have seen on Twitter, the class have had a very full day today.

The journey down to London was good even though the traffic was fairly heavy as they got closer to London.  They began by having lunch in the shadow of Wembley Stadium before heading onto the Hindu Temple.  They looked at the outside of the Temple before going inside to see the various shrines.  The children loved it and were mesmerised by the ornate architecture and carvings.

After unpacking their bags at the hotel and eating tea, they set off in search of some of the sights of London.  Mr Hebborn led the class on a very informative tour and they saw many famous buildings including Big Ben, The London Eye and Selfridges!

By the time I arrived at the hotel (following a trip across London on the underground), the children were all safely tucked up in bed and were almost silent!

A busy day awaits us tomorrow.  I'm off to bed!

Mr Clark

Any messages to pass onto the children - write them in the comments section and I'll pass them on in the morning!!

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