Hockney Art - First Attempts 579 Views

08th September 2016 Class: Class Blog Oak Graeme Clark The Arts

Check out some of our first attempts at recreating Hockney's photographic collages.

This week, we have begun to investigate the photographic art of David Hockney.  He takes small pictures  and then sticks them together to create the overall scene.  Quite often there are aspects of the finished collages that don't make sense.  We had a look at some of his pieces of art and evaluated what we thought of them.  

Today, we have been having a go at creating some pieces of artwork ourselves using the same techniques.  The children have been outside in the sun posing in groups and then back in the classroom trying to stick the pictures back together.  Some of these first attempts have been quite successful but others didn't go to plan!!  The children have realised that it is important to be very methodical with the pictures that you take so that you don't end up with massive gaps in the final composition.

Here are some examples of our attempts.  Next week, we will try again by putting into practice the lessons that we've learned.

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