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05th October 2016 Class: Class Blog Oak Graeme Clark PE Sport Visitor

A fantastic day with Olympic superstar, Beth Tweddle.

On Monday, we had the absolutely incredible privilege of welcoming Olympic gymnast, Beth Tweddle, to our school.  She spent time in the morning talking about her life as a professional athlete.  The children listened brilliantly and asked some very interesting and insightful questions.  We found out about the level of commitment that it takes to achieve the things that she has and this included learning about her training regime and strict diet.

She showed the children a video of some of her proudest moments and then passed around her Olympic bronze medal from London 2012 - amazing!

In the afternoon, she led some of our children in a once in a lifetime coaching session.  Some of the children then performed their skills for the rest of the school at the end of the day.  

Here are some photographs and a video that shows the events of the day...

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