Following our recent Ofsted Inspection on 23–24th January 2019, please find attached the report detailing the outcome of that inspection.  Please do read the full report carefully.

The outcome of the inspection is that Ingham School has been judged to require improvement. This judgement is largely based on the school’s progress data, which affects Outcomes for Pupils.  This is linked directly to Leadership and Management of the School and Teaching and Learning and these areas will be addressed rigorously over the coming months. The report also recognises the school’s strengths in Early Years and in Personal Development, Welfare and BehaviourSafeguarding of pupils remains thorough and vigilant. 

A school that is judged as requires improvement is a school that is not good but overall provides an acceptable standard of education. The judgement of requires improvement is not a formal category of concern but the school may be subject to monitoring by Ofsted, although this will not normally apply to a school that has been judged as requires improvement for the first time. The school will be re-inspected under section 5 usually within 30 months after the publication of the previous section 5 report.

(Ofsted Handbook Sept 2018)

The last 18 months have been a period of great turmoil for the school, with significant staff changes in summer 2017, two tragic events in 2017-18, which shook the school, and then further staff changes this summer.  This has undeniably affected progress on our improvement priorities and as a result, we are not yet where we had hoped to be. 

Although the outcome is extremely disappointing to us all, the inspection report acknowledges the actions the school has been taking this academic year to address many of the areas for development outlined within the report.  The inspector was confident that these are the right course of action but that it is too early to see the impact this will make.  Furthermore, she made clear that she had confidence that the current leadership (at all levels) had the capacity to drive forward the necessary improvements and that the plans in place and the monitoring and evaluation of teaching and learning across the school would ensure sustained improvement. 

The staff and the governors support the headteacher and together we are fully committed to ensuring the school quickly regains lost ground.  We are very conscious that children deserve the best education and are determined to improve rapidly and ensure all children achieve their full potential.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank parents for the large number of responses on Parent View, which highlighted many of the good things about our school, particularly the care for the pupils and the strong family feel.  We are incredibly proud of our school and its reputation for being “at the heart of the community, with community at its heart.”  Thank you also to the many parents who have sent words of encouragement.  Your support is very much appreciated and we hope that we can all work together to move the school forward and provide the best opportunities for all the children at Ingham Primary School.


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