Ingham Primary School and Centurion Partnership of schools are part of the KYRA Teaching School Alliance. This Alliance is a thriving group of Lincolnshire schools who are committed to working together to improving outcomes for children in our county.

As part of KYRA Teaching School we have a challenging and exciting remit: through our talented and forward thinking partnership we will contribute significantly to improving outcomes for children; holding ourselves to account for the impact of our activity. We will work transformationally, collaboratively and inspirationally to rise to the challenge of improving outcomes for children in all our schools.


  • Ambitious for children: always setting the bar high, even if it makes us feel uncomfortable, because by working together anything is possible.
  • A learning community: constantly understanding our needs and identifying best practice and research to generate a professional learning community. We are not afraid of asking for help, nor are we reserved in offering support & expertise wherever we can.
  • Builders of social capital: starting with the premise: ‘what can we give?’ rather than ‘what can we get?’ generates a rich community of mutual-support and professional generosity.
  • Quality & impact: holding ourselves to account with clear aims and targets that clearly link to children’s outcomes. As contributors, we will be open to the scrutiny of others, knowing that accountability & review is key to the continued success of any learning community.
  • Celebrating diversity: respecting the diversity of schools and members across our alliance. Seeing this as a strength whilst ensuring no one is excluded or left behind.
  • Moral Purpose: committed to the success of children and adults in all of our schools. Our opportunity is to achieve something truly transformational that translates into a better education system for all. We celebrate the successes of our partners as we would our own.

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